HAPPY CHRISTMAS: Last day for orders will be December 20th. I am having a break and orders received during this period will be processed Monday, January 8th. If you are suffering from Puppps Rash, I can dispatch the Puppps product for ~urgent orders~ from December 29th. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Thank you for your continued support of my NZ made hand-blended products. Kindest Gillian

concentrated remedy rollers

Concentrated 'Remedy Rollers' are so convenient!  Pop in your bag and take them with you everywhere you go!  Perfect for that "I need something now, not when I get home" moment!

Remedy Rollers come in convenient 10ml glass roller ball bottles.  Remedy Rollers contain a more concentrated blend than the regular essential oil body blends. Shelf life is approx. 12months if stored away from heat and direct sunlight. These are not suitable for babies, toddlers or children.

Best to use in conjunction with one of the 'longer term' blends (where you apply 1-2x a day over 4-6 weeks) as the Remedy Rollers is a small amount and most useful for 'moments' - if you are looking for a longer term treatment for acute or chronic conditions, please visit this page

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not suitable for babies, toddlers and children (under the age of 15 years of age) If you would like one for younger children, please email me directly


All Le'Esscience products are EXTERNAL USE only! Never ingest any Le'Esscience product, blends or synergies - they are to be used topically or via inhalation.  Instructions come with each product. 

It is not safe to ingest essential oils, either straight into the mouth or diluting in water or other liquids - I do not encourage in my practice in any form.  The use of inhalation & applying topically is more effective and safe, when used as directed. Never use neat, especially on babies, toddlers & children.  The only essential oils safe to use neat (for adults) are Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) or Lavender (lavendula angustifolia). Essential oils should only ever be used under the strict guidelines of a qualified Aromatherapist / Aromatscience Practitioner.