Welcome to Le'Esscience - enjoy browsing through the beautiful range of therapeutic essential oil treatments.  Each treatment is 100% natural, vegan and made with pure essential oils & plant based carrier oils.

Le'Esscience was formed in 2010 by qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner, Gillian Parkinson, who is professionally recognised by regulatory bodies NZQA, IFPA & ITEC. Gillian has undertaken 770+ hours training which included 360 hours of case studies.

Be reassured that all products developed and handmade by Gillian are within her scope and adhere to the 'Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics' of the Qualified Aromatherapy community worldwide. This means only using essential oils topically, correctly selected and diluted for age range and condition treating, also by various inhalation methods. Use ONLY as directed.

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Gillian of Le'Esscience  says "Aromatherapy, a powerful, complementary health medicine, to be used for a purpose, when there is a need, to assist in relieving symptoms for non-life threatening health conditions, my stance is with 'first do no harm' when treating anyone with my essential oil treatments"

Many essential oils can be toxic if ingested, even in moderate doses.  NEVER ingest, use internally or use undiluted essential oils (neat) on the skin, for ANY purposes, this includes in food & beverages. Sadly there is an abundance of misinformation being mass-marketed around essential oil use, if you are concerned by what you are seeing, in any way, please feel free to contact me or another professional qualified essential oil practitioner in your area.

If oil is ingested by accident, drink fatty milk and seek advice, do not drink water nor induce vomiting. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.    


Essential oil safety is vital! Join this dedicated closed Facebook group to increase awareness of the misuse of essential oils.