le'esscience dispensary

Welcome to Le'Esscience Dispensary

Enjoy browsing through the lovely range of therapeutic essential oil treatments formulated and blended by professional, qualified Aromatherapist, Gillian Parkinson. 


Essential oil treatments, only use for a purpose, when there is a need.

Overuse, undiluted use, internal use, incorrectly diluted for age ranges and medical conditions
can lead to adverse reactions and a possible lifetime of sensitisation.
Only use as directed (by a qualified practitioner)

"Qualifications matter"

It is not safe to ingest essential oils, either straight into the mouth, diluting in water or other liquids and using in any food or beverages.  I do not encourage or prescribe this in my practice in any form.  The use of inhalation & applying topically is effective and safe (and follows the best practice methods and codes of ethics of the qualified community worldwide) when used as directed. NEVER use neat (undiluted), especially on babies, toddlers & children. 

Please note: All Le'Esscience products are made to order/made from fresh and classed as perishable goods.  Le'Esscience products cannot be returned unless they are faulty or the incorrect product has been dispatched.  Should this occur, returns must be made within 28 days.