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'The Cabin' is situated at 202 Teviot Road, Hercules Flat, Roxburgh

Consultation & Full Body Essential Oil Massage (Massage - 45 mins-50 mins) - $65

Consultation & Back, Neck & Shoulder Essential Oil Massage (Massage - 30-35 mins) - $45 

Gift Vouchers available (email to order - will be posted within 24 hours - postage free)

Consultation - Products charged only, consult is free

Practice Hours - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (by appointment only).
CLOSED Weekends, Thursday's & Public Holidays

eftpos available


Pregnancy Treatments

These treatments are so beneficial during the whole of pregnancy - helps to relieve stress, trouble sleeping, aches & pains, headaches, mood swings and more!  I have a 'Pregnancy Treatment Plan' which is very popular (prices below are applicable to the whole plan, casual appointments are $65 per treatment).

Between 6 weeks & 28 weeks - monthly treatments

Each treatment includes a consultation:

Full Body Aromatology Massage (Massage - 45 mins-50 mins) - $65

Between 30 weeks & 36 weeks - fortnightly treatments
Full Body Aromatology Massage (Massage - 45 mins-50 mins) - $55

Between 36 weeks & 40 weeks - weekly treatments
Full Body Aromatology Massage (Massage - 45 mins-50 mins) - $45

Please either email or call 027 6000 289 for an appointment (please allow an extra 15-20 mins for your first consultation)

Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to promote and maintain health and vitality to the body, mind and spirit. By using specific blends, the oils are massaged onto the body that are then absorbed into the blood and lymphatic system. These oils can last in the body for up to a week, depending on the blend used.

During consultation, you are asked about your current medical history.  An essential oil blend is then made especially for you to be massaged on to the body. Le'Esscience only use top quality, pure and natural oils for your benefit as this allows better absorption. If necessary, a body blend is made for you to take home so you can continue your treatment - a massage is a great way to kick start your aromatology treatment.

Conditions Le'Esscience treat are: neck & shoulder stiffness, aches & pains, anxiety & depression, uplifting, headaches & migraines, skin conditions etc…

You will feel very relaxed, rejuvenated & awakened after your treatment, depending on the outcome that you want.

Le'Esscience studio caters for pregnant ladies with our 'pregnancy friendly' massage table - quite simply, a piece where the tummy lays, pops out, through any stage of pregnancy, Mums to be can lay comfortably on their tummy and receive a lovely relaxing massage.

Please note: There are plenty of essential oils that are safe to use while pregnant - Le'Esscience stocks all of these essential oils.

eftpos available