essential oil inhalation treatment synergies

All Le'Esscience products are made with high quality, pure essential oils and are for EXTERNAL USE only! Never ingest any Le'Esscience product,  body blends or synergies - they are to be used topically or via inhalation.  Instructions come with each product.

It is not safe to ingest essential oils, either straight into the mouth or diluting in water or food & beverages. Essential oils used in the food & beverage industry have been put through a deterpenation process (removing harmful chemicals) which then makes them safe to consume.

I do not encourage these methods in my practice in any form.  Various inhalation methods  & applying topically (correctly diluted) is more effective and safe (when used as directed). Never use neat (undiluted) for any age range but especially on babies, toddlers & children.  For peace of mind and safety, essential oils should be used under the strict guidelines of a qualified Aromatherapist / Aromascience Practitioner, especially in regards to babies & children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding or if you suffer chronic illness and take regular medication.

Le'Esscience's synergies are a combination of 3 to 5 100% pure essential oils, specially selected for a specific condition or requirement. They are not diluted in a carrier oil but are neat essential oils.

Synergies can be used in several ways  - lovely steam inhalations, add drops to 20mls of liquid soap, mix and add to a bath, in a room vaporiser and one of my favourites, drops on a tissue which you can pop down your top (or in your pocket), you will get wafts of the synergy all day - you can also inhale it throughout the day to help relieve whatever ails you. 

Use only as directed, Many essential oils can be toxic if ingested, even in moderate doses.  Never ingest or use undiluted essential oils (neat) on the skin, for any 'therapeutic' purposes. If an oil is ingested by accident, drink fatty milk and seek advice, do not drink water nor induce vomiting. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.