Client Testimonials

My son has had severe eczema for all of his six years. We had tried everything - medical and alternative. At the time of finding Gillian and what we call, his magic potion, he was on a daily antibiotic, steroid cream and antihistamine. He hasn't had any of that since and his skin is virtually clear most of the time. The specialist could not believe the change and we no longer need to see her.

It cannot be described how life changing this has been for our family. It's also hard to describe how delightful it is to deal with Gillian. She genuinely cares, loves to play win/win, constantly focuses on adding value and gives her time and heart generously.

Trish, Wellington, New Zealand

I have had the privilege of using quite a few Le'Esscience Blends & had wonderful success with each one.

The Gentle Baby Blend clears up my 10mnth olds rashes & is very calming, smelling beautiful; Headache/Migraine Blend has almost entirely healed all of my headaches, when I get the occasional one now it works within minutes for me; Sleep/Insomnia Blend is my little miracle worker, I have always struggled with getting off to sleep & staying there - first night I used it I was out like a light! And its cumulative affect has been excellent.

I can highly recommend these aromatherapy blends, so much so that I decided to sell them here in Oz! I am in love!

Simone, Perth, Western Australia

 I had heard about Le'Esscience on Twitter, and was some what sceptical about trying it out. I was getting a lot of tension headaches from stress in my neck and shoulders and a friend of mine said I might as well give it a shot. I bought my first blend back in April and it was incredible! Gillian gave me instructions on how to apply the blend and it really worked (to my surprise!). I've since bought a number of blends for various ailments (aches & pains, migraines, eczema) and now Gillian would be my first port of call!

Bless you for the incredible work you do Gillian. I admire you for using your passion to touch so many lives in such a positive way.

Sam, Auckland, New Zealand

 The Mellow blend is extremely effective in settling out my mood swings, and low moods. Never felt happier!

Justine, Wellington, New Zealand

 Thank you for my blend. I've had chronic neck pain for a couple of years now thanks to being a graphic designer glued to my mac even on weekends! Firstly I'm just amazed by every single professional detail that has gone into my Le'Esscience blend, from the personal note to the packaging and it smells amazing!

After about 3 weeks of applying my wonderful blend the annoying, painful 'pinch' went away! it actually went away and its something I've had for years and was kinda used to (like a bad relative).

Thank you Gillian, it's made a huge difference and I look forward to my re-order. I carry my Le'Esscience bottle around every where and its become a little accessory like my iPhone (stop judging me I'm not a geek). Thanks again, I'm so glad I bumped into you.

Joi, Melbourne, Australia

 I first purchased a blend as a gift for a friend who was having trouble sleeping. She had tried everything and, to be honest, was somewhat cyncial about whether simply rubbing some oil on her chest and feet each night could make a slightest bit of difference. Well I have to say that my friend is now a convert as her sleep patterns have improved significantly in a short space of time. I am now onto my third order of blends for a variety of issues ranging from sick kids through to hormone fluctuations and motivation. Each time Gillian has asked really pertinent questions and the resulting blend is just spot on. I truly believe that my life is rosier with using Gillans's blends. She is onto a real winner with her bespoke approach to blends for specific needs. She makes me feel special and unique and who wouldn't want that?!

Sally, Auckland, New Zealand